Many years ago when I created the name of my movie, Bad Grandpa, I researched if anyone else might be considering using the same name for their movie. What I reluctantly found out was that yes indeed there was a current character called Bad Grandpa. From what I understand the Jackass series (sorry for swearing) by Johnny Knoxville has a mean old Grandpa who they created a movie about. My son and I watched the trailer and it is pretty hysterical. It is slated for an October 25th release and you can find out more information about it here:

When I figured this out I did not get depressed (well not for long anyway). I created a Google alert so I could follow the progress of the movie and find out when it would be released. So recently when a friend sent me a picture of the movie poster at the cinema asking me if I knew about it I could tell her that yes I did.  I have been receiving Google Alerts for some time now and thought it was cool that I at least locked down the Twitter name @BadGrandpaMovie.

I'm not sure if I am going to keep the name Bad Grandpa for my movie. I like the idea of it because it fits with the theme of my grandfather, who in the movie thinks that my main character Micki's whole life can be solved by having a certain guy in it. He also goes above and beyond, from the beyond, to try and give her what he thinks she needs versus what she really needs, and plus he isn't very good at it. I have been working on my screenplay a lot lately and have been having a blast as all the scenes come together.

I have a long way to go to finish the screenplay but with my renewed energy and the good Lord helping me with ideas and inspiration I am really excited about getting it done. When I finally complete the screenplay I plan to enter some contests and attend some workshops where I am sure I will begin rewrites and prepare to get it made.

Thanks for stopping by and if you happen to go see the Jackass (again sorry) version of Bad Grandpa, stop by and leave a message on whether you liked it or not. Good luck Johnny!


Current Logline:

Bad Grandpa is a comedy about a larger than life Bad Grandpa who tries to help his granddaughter from Heaven when a bad relationship is destroying her life.

Bad Grandpa is a comedy about a woman looking for herself in all the wrong places. Mix in her Grandpa Toffee's tricks as he tries to help her from Heaven and even a bad relationship can be funny. Let's just hope God doesn't find out.
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